RCA 24" LCD Repair
So we had this little 24 inch RCA Tv, It was the first LCD that we had bought. I can't Complian about this Tv we used it for 4 years in our bedroom and it worked great. We gave it to my Son to use in his room so we didnt have to endure 24/7 peppa pig on the main Tv. Then one day he asked me to turn it on for him, The Tv came on played Peppa Pig for about 30 secs then the screen went Black the audio was still playing to the black screen.
so i thought about it for a min and relized.
The tv came on for about 30 secs then the picture would go black this is caused by Voltage drop!
before i get started id just like to say This is one of the top reasons for tv failure. and you have probley tossed out a Tv or computer monitor already over this problem.

The problem was in the Tv power board, I guess that's what i will call it. The capacitors were worn out as you can see in the pics. This was causing voltage to drop and as a resault the LCD would black out. To change the caps it cost me like $5.00 Canadian. The tools i used was a soldering iron a solder sucker and solder.
You need to have some knowledge of soldering before attempting to do this. Sorry about the lack of pics as i did this before i thought about diy. moving on.
Remove the Bad caps but keep in mind the flow you don't want to install the new one backwards. (some boards are marked but some are not take pics if need be) I replaced the 3 x 16v 1000uf with 25v 1000uf and replaced the old 2 x 25v 470uf with 35v 470uf
there was nothing wrong with the old 25v 470uf (circled in blue) i thought i may as well change them while i was doing it. and i put over sized in with the hopes that maybe it will last longer.
TIP: alot of caps can be found in other dead eletronics (computer PSU) if you choose to go this route just make sure the top of the caps are Flat and the uf is the same
I.E 25v 1000uf replaced with 25v-35v 1000uf is ok 
25v 1000uf replaced with 25v-35v 600uf not ok.
put the Tv back together and plug it in, Enjoy your Tv and the money you just saved.

The Tv Power Board

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Replace the Capacitors!

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